Put A Rocket In Your Pocket?

Put A Rocket In Your Pocket? Really?? I recently saw a sales letter for a natural sex enhancement formula claiming to put a rocket in your pocket. Although directed to men, it was engaging enough that women readers might be moved to order the product for their male partners… that is, if their partners need a […]

I’m Strong To The Finish ‘Cause I Eats My Nitro Xtreme!

Do you recall a long, long time ago, listening to these lyrics?  I’m strong to the “Finich” ‘Cause I eats me spinach… They’re from the theme song to those old time cartoons of Popeye The Sailor Man, one of my childhood heroes. Popeye was a gentle, unassuming sailor ready to lend a hand whenever and […]

Brain Reboot Anyone?

Earlier this week, researchers from the Whitehall II study of cardiovascular disease reported new findings that make a strong case for depression as a cause of coronary heart disease. This is groundbreaking! We’ve known about the link for years, but the causal relationship has never been so clear.  The news follows a recent report from […]