How Much Nitrate Is Too Much?

Nitrate-rich leafy greens

In preparing for a recent trip to Taipei, I Googled dietary nitrate intake in Taiwan and came across an article published in 2012. It highlighted an issue that’s sometimes raised when sharing Kyäni’s Nitro products. That is, how much nitrate in your diet is too much? The news piece reported the case of a 42-year-old […]

Say NO to Heart Attack


When a person in the throes of a heart attack arrives at the emergency room, every effort is made to open the blocked coronary artery. This is achieved with a “clot busting” drug or by opening the vessel mechanically with a tiny balloon followed by insertion of a stent. If you’re having a heart attack, it seems obvious […]

Put A Rocket In Your Pocket?

I recently saw a sales letter for a natural sex enhancement formula.  It makes the bold claim that if taken as directed, it’ll put a rocket in your pocket. Imagine that! Although directed to men, I suspect women readers are equally moved to order the product… that is, if their male partners need a boost. Erectile dysfunction – ED […]